Sales and Warehouse Superstar

Ottawa, Canada

At Metal Pros, we are inspired by the pursuit of perfection in everything we do. 

We realize that perfection is often not attainable but we enjoy giving it a shot anyway. 

We have a small team of 4, all came from different backgrounds with the common goal to succeed as individuals and as a company in a challenging environment by questioning the status quo and by striving to find better ways of accomplishing everything we do. 

In 2 short years, we changed the way a Metal Retail Business operates with innovation that stems from our constant pursuit of continuous improvement. 

Some of our achievements include: 

- 1,700+ unique businesses buying from us with loyal customers we strive to inspire and WOW everyday with everything we do 

- Cutting edge technologies resulting in fast and error free service to our customers 

- 5000+ items on our website (more than any other Metal Retail website), with exact stock quantities, and best online pricing, giving us a huge potential of becoming a leader in the growing online metal retail market in Canada. 

What is most remarkable about Metal Pros is that we have accomplished everything in a very short period of time with a very small team that is involved in all aspect of the business. 

Our newest employee was hired 9 month ago with no experience, only with a convincing desire to succeed and with a strong inspiration for learning and pursuing perfection. Today he is able to run the shop (front and back) and has been a witness and a participant to the amount of growth and innovation we achieved, gaining tremendous experience that could not be achieved elsewhere. 

We are looking for an individual that can demonstrate the same drive for learning and for continuous improvement as the rest of us. 

The candidate will need to be proficient with math and logic, good written and oral skills and able to work under pressure and within a team environment. 

Experience in the industry is not necessary, just a very strong willingness to learn quickly and continuously. 

This job is a good stepping stone for individuals wanting to start any career as you will have the opportunity to wear many "hats" and learn all aspects of running a business. You will be learning the front and back of the shop as well as the executive part of running a business. 

You will continuously be solving problems and will have the opportunity to display innovative and logical thinking. 

Pay can be anywhere between $12/hr-$20/hr depending on ability after the 3 months probation period. 

We have a comprehensive list of things to learn and each category you master will come with a price tag. Your pay will be measured by how fast you learn and not by how long you have been with the company. It's a win-win model as the faster you learn, the more beneficial you will be to the team... and the more you will get paid.